Mission 84
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Virtual Platform for International Trade

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What is SGCCI Global Connect

Mission 84 (M84), the flagship program of SGCCI Global Connect is unveiled. It aims to enrol 84K entrepreneurs on the domestic and overseas side respectively.

SGCCI Global Connect is aiming to collaborate and derive more meaningful opportunities of International Trade.

We are onboarding important stakeholders like State Governments, Central Government, Diplomats, EPCs (Export Promotion Council), Trade organisations, CoCs (Chamber of Commerce) from various regions and countries, Trade aggregators, Professionals, Scholars etc.,

Mission 84

The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SGCCI) is about to enter into the 84th year of its existence this year in 2023.  Surat's major region is called Choryasi (means 84 in Gujarati) which was well derived from 84 flags hoisted at Surat Port and there was huge international trade used to happen during the 15th to 17th Century.

Dynamic President Shri Ramesh Vaghasia envisioned Mission 84 to revive and boost International trade and contribute significantly to Country's Vision led by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.


SGCCI's objective is to bring people together and create opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth. With our industry experts and qualified teams, we're able to help businesses and individuals connect with others in their industry and beyond, regardless of regional boundaries. SGCCI significantly impacts the qualitative and quantitative growth and expansion of commerce and industry in Southern Gujarat, qualifying it to effectively compete on a worldwide scale.

SGCCI's core focus also includes knowledge sharing and training programmes, via seminars, workshops, trade meets, expo etc., to boost Trade and Commerce. SGCCI is committed to the development and strong evolution to the MSME segment in Southern Gujarat region by way of implementing the various initiatives of the government. Surat has a strong base of manufacturing and is contributing in a big way to the national GDP with involvement of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME).

SGCCI is totally committed towards promoting the "BRAND SURAT" worldwide, attracting FDI into the region, enabling exponential industrial growth. People of South Gujarat are very enthusiastic, enterprise oriented, resourceful and hold an entrepreneurial mindset, which bolsters them to expand their business horizons, beyond the boundaries.